Monday, October 27, 2008


Anyone one who knows my Mama (Katherine) knows that she's amazing and I'd like to share with you her latest adventures.

A couple weeks ago she packed up her things and moved to the Texas hill country with dreams of selling delicious gourmet popsicles out of a vintage trailer. She loves the idea of a sophisticated popsicle because it lures the adult in and then reminds them of being a kid again.

She's well on her way to realizing this dream. See, the thing about my mom is that she doesn't settle for the ordinary day-to-day life. She has an idea and she goes after it. She makes things happen! She lives her life as if anything is possible and she has inspired me to live the same way.

Take a peek at her soon to be renovated trailer and some logo ideas I worked on for her.


Aaron and I went to Jacob's Well on Saturday to check out Ubuntu. It's pretty much a bunch of people who love Africa talking about Africa. This week they brought in a refugee family from Somalia. They shared heartbreaking stories of losing loved ones and losing their home. Aaron and I fell in love with this family and met some other really cool people.

This all reminded me of our trip to Tanzania last summer and I thought I would share this set of cards I designed to raise money.

Thursday, October 23, 2008


Aaron's office has decided on an Alice in Wonderland theme for Halloween this year. Aaron's part is the Cheshire Cat, so we bought a tiger mask...

a little paint and it's ready to go.


I've been thinking about, dreaming about what Twine & Twig will one day become... custom letterpress, yummy treats, maybe some flowers? I've been wrestling with logo ideas. Type solutions, handwritten solutions. I've drawn out a plan of what the Twine & Twig store front will look like. I've visualized the overall look and feel of the place. Meanwhile my month old, unused letterpress sits lonely in our dark basement and remains a claimed yet empty site.

Last night a comment from a friend of mine kept repeating over and over in my mind... "Why don't you quit talking about your stupid letterpress and print something already!"

So, I did. The header above is my official first print! I don't totally know what I'm doing and I don't have all the supplies i need, but sometimes you just have to jump in!