Tuesday, October 20, 2009


My Aunt, Shanny is an amazingly talented Painter and Sculptor. A restaurant in Fredricksburg, Texas recently commissioned several pieces to hang in their space. The restaurant requested orchids, and orchids is what they got! One dozen BEAUTIFUL orchids. The way she captures light in these paintings gives these flowers such life! I love the way she dives into her work. She researches her subject matter in order to really capture the essence of what she's painting. For Shanny, these orchids became characters, each with different personalities. This is the kind of process that really makes a complete work of art. If you're in the Fredricksburg area you should head over to August E's for the Artist's Opening.

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Shanny said...

Oh Heather, that is so nice. Thank you for creating such a special piece for my reception. Wish you could be here to attend.
Much love
Aunt Shanny