Tuesday, January 6, 2009


I'm gonna call this my first real project on the letterpress. So, of course, I learned A LOT!!

First off... 43 calendars = 516 passes through the press! Next time I think I'll give myself more than just one day. Even with the help of my wonderful friends, this took about 12 hours. Good thing I made a HUGE breakfast.

Two: Opaque White ink DOES print white on a colored stock. A couple of people told me that it wouldn't work. They were wrong!

Three: My mini press is better at printing big chunky type. All of the numbers were pretty much smudged beyond recognition. I wont go that small again.

Four: When you have a plate made, it's a thin sheet and doesn't come with backing. Good to know.

Five: Clean up. Simple Green is my new best friend :)

Six: My friends are so creative!!! They all came up with type solutions that were unexpected and innovative!

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Meg Biram said...

For whom did you make these adorable calendars?