Wednesday, January 21, 2009


So, I haven't said much about it, mostly to save face, but Aaron and I are leaving early in the morning to go on the K-LOVE Friends and Family Music Cruise. We booked it a few months back in hopes that Aaron could make some contacts in the Christian music world and now we're thinking it was probably the worst idea ever! There's no way out now so we are hopeful that God will somehow work this out for good! Here's the demo we plan to hand out to 25 lucky passengers. Ha! Hopefully passengers with some kind of pull in the music industry. Are we crazy?!


sara said...

Heather!!! My friend Evan is going to be on that cruise. I don't know who he's playing with. you should become friends with him in real life, since you alreay are on facebook!

and, I just wanted to my google reader, your blog is one of the ones that I get most excited about when a new post shows up. I love what you post!

hope I can see you soon, have fun on your cruise...:)

lauren said...

The cd case looks awesome! Have a fun time!...I'll be thinking positive and encouraging thoughts for you while you're gone. :)

:: shanda hasse :: said...

that press kit is positive and encouraging!!!!!!! absolutely gorgeous. you are going to have a blast. i will pray for your trip and an unexpected connection to the christian music world from it! love you both.